Why we started Levels Growth Consultants

For over 20 years I have been either starting, working in or running small and medium size businesses (SMB’s). From private companies with just a few people to listed groups with 130+ staff and over $20m in revenue.

Very early in my career I noticed first-hand how great ideas or products just weren’t enough to succeed. There is so much that goes into the success of a business and a great product or service is just one of those many things.

As I progressed into more senior roles, I noticed larger companies had a major advantage. Like SMB’s they had great talent but that talent was far more specialised. They had often done that specific and very narrow role for several businesses before and they had the experience to see what worked and what didn’t. They had experts at each task rather than all-rounders completing the job of 5 people.

You see, SMBs and especially their founders and senior teams are some of the most talented people I have met. The problem is they just don’t have the scale to have high calibre people in every part of their business. If you have 10 or 20 people in your company, it’s not possible to have a team of 5 c-level execs!

This is where we noticed a there was a service that was seriously lacking in the market. A shortcut for SMB’s to grow their business quicker and earlier, without the need to pay the huge full time executive pay packets when it’s too early and not commercial to do so.

It’s for this reason we developed the Fractional CRO Level for those businesses looking to grow rapidly, or our Coaching Level for businesses a little earlier in their growth journey.

In the coming period, we will be launching a level which is aimed at providing quality coaching at affordable rates for self employed business people who may not fit our higher levels of support. This is a group format with peers in similar industries to share ideas as well as access our experienced coaches.

With these options, we can make enterprise level executive strategy and execution accessible to small and medium size businesses immediately rather than much later in the growth journey when they would normally hire that level of full-time resource.

That still leaves one question though, why Levels?

We believe in empowering growing businesses to achieve more than they ever believed possible.

The team* I have assembled have been where you are and scaled organizations to tens of millions in revenue with over 100% annual growth. We have grown and sold service businesses to ASX listed companiestechnology businesses to billion-dollar Nasdaq listed global software groups and grown local firms from start-up to leaders in their region. (The links will take you to the relevant articles on these achievements. As you will see when we work together, we back everything we do with data)

Combined, we have raised over $150m in the private and public markets.

Most importantly, we are entrepreneurs who understand what it’s like to put your heart and soul into running and scaling a business.

If you would like to get out of your comfort zone (nothing good ever happens there anyway) and go to the next Level, contact us today.

*Check out the management team and advisory board here https://levelsgc.com/team/

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