Spreading The Word – How To Maximise Your 5⭐ Online Review Generation

Do you have a bulletproof process to delight your customers?

If you answered yes, the next step is to turn those delighted customers into promoters, and get them to spread the word by providing positive customer reviews.

81% of clients will research your company online before they engage you and if a competitor has more positive customer reviews, you are guaranteed to be leaving business on the table.

It’s not easy to provide amazing levels of service so you should be screaming it from the rooftops.

But you need to make sure your clients REALLY love what you do. Then once confirmed, turn them into lead generation machines without the need to beg for referrals.

The first step is to identify, empirically, how your clients feel about your service.

This is done through surveying but there is a very specific method and if done correctly, will increase testimonials and reviews significantly. 

Net Promoter Score is a metric that was first developed in 1993 by Fred Reichheld and later adopted in 2003 by Bain & Company to predict customer purchase and referral behavior. I highly recommend the book this is based on, The Ultimate Question, which is a great read and provides the background on how they came up with the question.

“On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”

Promoters are the clients that talk positively about you to friends and family. They are the ones that referred those random clients months after you helped them.

Passives are indifferent. They didn’t dislike your service but it didn’t blow them away

Detractors are a risk, something you did went wrong and they feel negatively about your business. These are the clients that could leave negative online reviews and you need to find a way to turn them around.

Once you have a reasonable number of responses across your client group, you can calculate your company NPS by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

This can range from a low of -100 (if every customer is a Detractor) to a high of 100 (if every customer is a Promoter).

The great thing about using such a widely used metric is that each industry within a region has a benchmark. You want to be performing above the benchmark and always looking to improve it.

While it’s beneficial to know how you are performing as a company, how each individual client feels is equally as important.

For promoters, the key is to thank them and turn their positivity about your business into online reviews.

To do this we use a system called Satismeter, which is a software that will easily automate NPS surveys and reviews for you.

You simply place a link into your email at the conclusion of your service (or after a certain milestone if your service is ongoing) which takes them to a page that asks the NPS question. If a client rates you 9-10 and qualifies as a promoter, we program the system to automatically ask clients for a Google review, with a link to your google listing (you can also use Facebook, Trustpilot or any other review system here, at Levels, we believe Google reviews get you the best results). 

Below is an example of the question as it appears once the client clicks the link in their email.

The image below shows the screen that appears if a client is a promoter. In this example, the company is offering a $20 gift card to increase the likelihood of a positive review but this is optional. We have seen very good results without this added benefit.

For passives, we design a thank you page with a simple message thanking them for their rating. 

And for detractors we let them know somebody will call them to discuss their experience and an automated message is sent to you. 

This is extremely important, we now have a clear understanding of who didn’t like our service, we can apologise to them and hopefully rebuild the relationship. Most importantly, we can learn what is not working in our business and fix it immediately.

Ask us how we can get you hundreds of organic reviews using an easy-to-set-up automated method.

Send us a private message or email contact@levelsgc.com.

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