LinkedIn as a free demand generation tool

In my opinion, LinkedIn gets a bad wrap.

For most of my career, a high proportion of new business has come from LinkedIn and I don’t cold outreach either.

It’s such a great platform to be able to communicate from one to many with your message and what you believe in.

This helps potential clients understand who you are and what you stand for. It also reminds people at different stages in their business of the value you can provide.

But it takes a little internal fortitude. It is not easy putting yourself out there. I still question myself each time I post. Do people even care what I say? Am I adding any value?

The saving grace is that the proof is in the pudding for me. It works, and in the most low friction, organic way possible. It has connected me with quality clients who know what I am about and what value I can bring. There is no selling with this method. It is a discussion, and if what I can provide aligns with what the clients need, we work together.

This works at scale too. If you have a team of BDMs (even SDRs), educate them on the value of LinkedIn.  Connect with all your clients on the platform, both prospective and existing. Then, get your team posting quality content regularly in their own voice and with their own personality.

Email is a good communication tool but people get hundreds of emails and they reach them while they are in work mode. If someone is on LinkedIn, they are generally more relaxed with time to spare, meaning they have more bandwidth to take the time to read something they may have otherwise skimmed past.

I read something on the platform recently that rings very true to me, “Create content in order to be known well, not well known”*

Don’t get too excited or down on yourself based on the number of likes or comments you get (although they do help reach so it’s great to encourage engagement on your posts).

When it comes to engagement, it’s quality over quantity. It is about the potential client that reads your post when they are ready to engage or the existing client that may be ready to buy more of your products or thinking of moving away.

If you are on this platform, posting, engaging and adding value you should be proud of yourself. It takes guts and you are on the right track.

*credit to @benwilliamson for posting this quote, originally from the First Million podcast by @shaan Puri#growth#businessgrowth#growthstrategy#saas#proptech#realestateagent#mortgagebroker
#financialadvisor#executivecoach#coach#leadershipcoach #engagement #demandgeneration

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